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What Are Some Common Design Professions that Use AutoCAD Drafting Software?

Many design professions require the use of AutoCAD software. Examples of professions that use this industry-standard software include those in architecture, interior design and civil engineering. Read this article to learn more about design professions that use AutoCAD Drafting Software.

AutoCAD in Architecture

Professional architects use AutoCAD's drafting and modeling features to design residential homes, office buildings and commercial developments. Architecture professionals use the program for general drafting concepts, such as floor plans and layouts. AutoCAD software's 3-dimensional rendering capabilities can include rotating simulations of the design project. Common design professionals utilize AutoCAD software in the field of environmental and sustainable design. Architects also use the program for presentations and documentations.

Interior Design and AutoCAD

AutoCAD is an essential component for today's interior designers. The 3-dimensional rendering features of AutoCAD can create detailed images of interior spaces

include furniture and appliances. Interior designers use these images to

design residential dining rooms, hotel suites, corporate conference facilities or indoor environs. AutoCAD also serves as an extremely valuable industry tool for presenting designs to potential clients. Interior Designers use the following AutoCAD features for their projects:

  • 3-Dimensional Solid Modeling
  • Creation of Blocks
  • Dimensioning

AutoCAD in Civil Engineering

Knowledge and use of AutoCAD software is essential for effective collaboration because civil engineers work closely with architects. AutoCAD Civil 3D is a version of the software that contains applications specific to the design of bridges, roads, tunnels and other structures common in the built environment. Because many government standard for construction exist, highly detailed imaging is necessary for Civil Engineers to create designs. Professionals in this field also use AutoCAD Civil 3D for:

  • Hydraulics for Storm Drain Systems
  • Mapping
  • Managing Data

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John Inzani

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